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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from most dog trainers?

Most training seeks to teach dogs how to obey commands. Obedience training has nothing to do with dog psychology or understanding how to fulfill the needs of your dog. My technique is more about the dog’s rehabilitation through exercise, discipline, and affection.


How do you get dogs to change?

People humanize dogs or treat their dogs like children. They don’t understand their psychology as pack animals. I begin by showing the dog that I am the pack leader and then I teach you to become the pack leader. I fulfill the dog’s needs through exercise, which is walking the dog in the correct way. I give the dog rules, boundaries, limitations and then affection.


What dogs make the best family pets?

Dogs have different energy levels. Find a dog that fits your lifestyle. It is important to match a dog’s energy to your lifestyle before making a choice. Active breeds like hunting dogs and herding dogs require more physical challenges to stay physically and mentally content.


What is the most important thing to do for your dog?

Take your dog on a 45-minute power walk every morning. You must use the proper method in walking your dog. When leaving the house, make sure you always walk out the door ahead of your dog. This lets the dog know who the leader is, and make sure the dog is not in front of you on the walk.


What is the most common mistake people make with dogs?

They don’t establish a leadership role or become the dog’s pack leader. Almost all dog problems come from two things: lack of exercise and lack of leadership. Also, owners tend to give affection, affection, and more affection, when what the dog really needs is exercise, discipline and then affection.


Do you have formal training?

My formal training has been to work with literally thousands of dogs. I’m a dog behaviorist. I work with dogs every day. I own a pack of dogs so I understand pack mentality and my methods achieve results. I am a member of the Association of Dog Trainers and am a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.


What is “pack mentality”?

A dog’s pack mentality is its natural way of relating to other dogs. The human family is the dog’s pack. Even a single person and a dog is the dog’s pack. It is important that the human be the dominant member of the pack. This is achieved with calm assertive energy, not through violence or bullying. The dog isn’t threatened. It just knows its place in the pack.


What can we expect from the training?

You will see the transformation of problem dogs as I rehabilitate dogs and train owners. You will be able to understand your dog like you have never been able to before.  I was raised around dogs, and I understand the way they interact socially. I can see the dog’s point of view.


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