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Dog Training

Training your dog to trust and respect you


We evaluate the cause of your dog’s imbalance and create a specific program for you and your dog by fulfilling your dog’s needs through exercise, discipline, affection, rules, boundaries and limitations.  All ages welcome. No dog is ever too old.


An Out Of Balance Dog could be aggressive, fearful, anxious, overly submissive, have low self-esteem, unpredictable behavior, dominate, objective possessive, and have hyperactive energy.


                                                      Common issues we resolve


                                    Greeting strangers                     Neighborhood Walks

                                    Separation Anxiety                     Stealing

                                    Rowdiness with Kids                  Fear

                                    Destructive Chewing                  House soiling

                                    Aggression: Territorial                Possessive

                                    Defensive aggression                Dominance displays



Private Sessions: One on one training with your dog in your home or video chat. Private training achieves goals faster because we get to see your dog’s behavior in his own environment.


Group Sessions: Obedience training, small groups of up to 6 to 8 dogs. The class covers basic training; sit, stay, down, come when called, leash walking and minor behavior problems such as  jumping, chewing, nipping, digging and housebreaking.



The class covers basic training; sit, stay, down, come when called, leash walking and minor behavior problems such as jumping, chewing, nipping, digging and housebreaking.



This class covers off leash training, stressful situations, perfecting basic commands, advanced commands, treadmill training and any specific issues.


 Advantages of Group Sessions:

• Lower cost than private training

• Common behavior problems solved

• Socialization for dog

• Practice techniques with distractions

• Homework instruction


*Disadvantages of Group Sessions: It’s general training for all dogs and owners instead of customized training for you and your dog.


Puppy Training: Start immediately, as soon as you get your puppy or as early as 7 or 8 weeks. Your puppy should have all its immunizations before starting group classes. We will be happy to counsel you over the phone or via video chat. *We also offer pre-adoptive adoption evaluations


Private Behavior Consultation: In person visit with the dog and owners in the environment where the problem occurs.


By phone: We offer phone consultations. Call for a free mini consultation. Consultations over 15 minutes require pre-payment by Paypal.


To Book Services:


Call Us at (828) 461-1103


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